equilibrium implementation

a back end implemented in oxidized iron - chapter 1

For our customer in motorsport, we are working on a performance analysis platform called equilibrium. What exactly that means doesn’t matter here - suffice it to say: data from and about race cars is managed. In this article I speak about some back end implementation details which are way more boring than this intro makes it sound.

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project support

how we help you punch above your weight

Some of the bmc::labs team has worked together for years, all of us have experience in the automotive sector. This experience combined with our varied fields of expertise is available to you, and we are as committed as we are flexible when it comes to making sure to make a project a success. In this article I give examples of what we’ve done to help you assess how we can be of use to you.

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product development

at the hardware-software intersection

Although most of our team has worked together for several years, bmc::labs is still a young company, so our portfolio is not as rich as we’d like it to be. In this article we’d like to give a brief look into our process and how we work - and with a bit of luck, we’ll convince you to help us add new items to our successful projects list.

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