Although most of our team has worked together for several years, bmc::labs is still a young company, so our portfolio is not as rich as we’d like it to be. In this article we’d like to give a brief look into our process and how we work - and with a bit of luck, we’ll convince you to help us add new items to our successful projects list.

modular logging platform

In one of our customer projects, the idea of a modular logging platform came up. The need was basically for a data logger, but as a cost efficient solution with a limited feature set and configurable hardware.

We did an initial prototype based on the blue pill board. In addition to what the blue pill has, it was to feature

  • Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus to be connected via predefined connector
  • a temperature-pressure sensor for ambient conditions sensing
  • GPS and a mobile data module (Bluetooth optional)
  • a small OLED to output results and the like
  • some LEDs for statuses

We did some basic software tests and 3D printed some housings before the customer shifted the project focus more in the direction of a software solution for post-processing. However, this project has become the basis for a project of our own - but more on that in another article.

control unit configuration selector

A customer approached us looking for a configuration selector for control units with the following requirements:

  • replaces a rotary switch
  • should be removable
  • must be sealable (preferably using sealing wire)
  • must come with a reliable and unique mounting solution

We did a preliminary design inspired by the FischerĀ® Rugged Flash Drives. We quite liked the design, but recommended to the customer that a different solution would bring less pain in several regards.

The solution suggested to the customer was to use a rotary with a robust and unique housing and rotator - as recognizable as it gets - and design that to be wire sealable. The idea was accepted and once again, we went to the drawing board to make it happen.

As this solution was accepted all the way through prototyping and testing, we finalized the product with a anodized finish and adequate packaging. We actually ended up quite liking this product, despite the fact that it involved only very minor electronics design, and no software at all.

last words

The projects presented above are just two recent examples. Our team has realized projects using custom electronics, as well as Raspberry Pis and other non-custom hardware.

We want to highlight here:

  • We do custom electronics, with the software aspect in mind.
  • We work together with our customers to find the best solution, even if that involves shelving weeks of development effort in favor of a better solution.
  • We have the in-house know-how for mechanical design to support our electronics design with housings and custom solutions.
  • If you want us to, we’ll take care of everything, including the packaging.
  • Our strong partners in electronics manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing and packaging design and manufacturing enable us to do so.

And honestly, we enjoy these projects like nothing else…

Reliable results, efficiently delivered.