Success springs from luck, hard work and great partners. At bmc::labs, we are very aware that our network makes us strong and that we are lucky to cooperate with such great companies as we do. In this article I highlight what qualities are important to us when it comes to business associates.

longstanding partnerships

Even before the founding of bmc::labs in the current form, our team was forming and we had business partnerships with WSC Group and other partners. Strong, longstanding bonds mean having partners one can rely on, even when there is a crisis - and so we could when COVID-19 hit. Building a lasting network from the start was something we always knew to be important - we are happy to have been able to and are continuing to do so.

locality and direct contact

It may not seem as important in a globalized economy, but having local partners one can have a direct line with still is a major success factor, at least in our experience. Now, the definition of local may have changed - for us, it mostly means in Europe - but being able to have a call without spanning five time zones and being able to just go there to inspect a prototype or have an in-person meeting without a lot of hassle is worth a lot to us, still.

making use of each other’s know-how

This may sound trivial at first, but especially with manufacturing partners, it is important to recognize what they bring to the process. Engineers often think in absolutes when it comes to their own designs - manufacturing suppliers are execution-only, deliver-as-I-say.

This, in our opinion, is not the way to a great product. We realize that our partners - Pribil Feinmechanik for example, who are our partner for high precision machining, or High Q Electronic, who supply our PCB assemblies - have much greater knowledge when it comes to the little manufacturing details, to what works best on their machines, to what their employees have the most experience with. So when we send our designs over, we don’t just ask a quote for the execution - we ask their opinion, we value their input, and we involve them in design process.

fairness in all things

None of this, of course, can work without trust. Trust is built by ensuring dialogue, mutual understanding, and fairness in all things. Again, as obvious as this may seem, it means seeing eye to eye also when it comes to the business aspects - making fair offers, negotiating fairly, recognizing the value the other side brings to the table. For us, our partners are valuable not just because they deliver great results - it’s also because we feel that it’s important to them that we feel we got what we wanted and that we feel treated fairly, and it’s the same the other way around.